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Human Behavior Data Science



We believe in tailored solutions to our customer needs & characteristics, and less with ready-made shelf solutions. Every project that comes out of our planning table is a product of careful, detailed scientific approach and a courageous thinking outside the box.

Gain unique insights through viewing the world from the eyes of the customer through eye-tracking research

Most of the marketing and sales information is conveyed by visual means - our eyes are the most important marketing organ. Visibility, commercialization, information architecture, UI, shopping and user experience, packaging, behavior and spatial orientation - all these and more rely almost exclusively on our eyes. Today, an innovative research technology for wearable eyeglasses enables us, through measuring and analyzing eye movement, to access the decision-making process of the shopper or user before the hand is sent to the shelf or the button is clicked on the website.

Eye Tracking studies have revolutionized the way brands understand shoppers, consumers, and users on different platforms.

SEBO is the official research partner of Tobii Pro in Israel, the world leader in developing eye tracking technology for research.

Our lectures are based on real SEBO case studies and the most advanced science topics in retail. The lectures are accompanied by authentic pictures and videos. Come to hear about the science behind shopping, about amazing case studies from the local and global shopping world, about personal fascinating experiences from our activities in Israel and abroad, and about the most interesting topics in the worlds of marketing and retail.


Leading organizations in the Israeli and global markets

The founder of the science of shopping

And author of the international bestseller “Why We Buy”

SEBO is the local representative of Paco in Israel.

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