SEBO was founded in 2005 with one mission: to be the leading consulting and research company in Israel.


A boutique company

We serve a select number of leading customers in premium service and close personal support. Our experience in working in Israel and abroad ensures that our clients will receive the best knowledge, advice and insights.


Strategy and tactics

We accompany our customers in specific projects - challenging, complex, as well as long-term and cross-organizational processes and platforms, while always striving to leverage and improve the physical and digital performance of our customers.


Science Based Counseling

Scientific research, quantitative and qualitative - are the cornerstones of our work processes, enabling us to provide our customers with the most accurate and effective solutions.

Consulting, research and design of customer experience in commercial spaces

Consulting, research and design of customer experience in commercial spaces

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Meet us

Sefi Gabay

Senior Partner

Boaz Yariv

Senior Partner

Why US

Our customers say that three features make us the best choice for them



In retail, the theory may be light years away from practice and reality surpasses any imagination. Over the past 15 years, we have accompanied, guided and led dozens of projects in over 20 different industries for leading clients in the economy - large companies and companies that have become such, in retail and marketing, both in Israel and abroad. This experience allows us to cross-reference knowledge from industry to industry, but more than that, it means that we know the way to success, the way that will prevent you from making mistakes that we have already learned from them.


Quality and excellence


Our consultants are senior executives only, our accumulated research and retail knowledge is world-class, including several complex statistical models that we have discovered and cracked while actively researching for our clients. We work with the very best and therefore our results always strive for uncompromising excellence. We will go far beyond the edge and reach every possible resource in order to achieve the best result for you, even if the implications are complex.


Different thinking


There is no other way to say this - we simply excel at leaving the box. This is one of the main feedbacks of our customers.

In almost every project we were led, we succeeded in creating the new twist, the other approach that eventually led to a breakthrough.

Our Customers

Over the years we have been privileged to work with leading brands and companies in the Israeli and international markets


Technological Partners

Are proud to cooperate and represent leading technology companies in the local market



Tobii Pro is a global leader in the development of pupil tracking technologies in behavioral research.

new standards


A software development company specializing in application implementation, sites and organizational systems of high complexity.

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