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EYE TRACKING is a sensory technology that measures exactly what our eyes are focused on. Through it, we determine the level of presence, attention, focus, awareness, and other mental states of the customer and user experience.

SEBO is the official research partner of Tobii Pro in Israel.

We understand the world around us mainly through our sense of vision. Eye tracking interprets natural human behavior and helps to gain insight into the actions and attention of people - and the connection between them. As a result, we can draw scientific conclusions about the factors that drive certain behaviors of customers and users in physical and digital environments

Tobii Pro Glasses 2

The world's most advanced wearable eye tracking technology for human behavior research

Eye Tracking for Marketing Research - short video 2 min

 Understanding the world through the customer's eyes

Benefits of eye tracking study

Understanding unconscious behavior

The only way to measure conscious and unconscious behavior of customers and users

Quantitative and qualitative understanding

Quantitative and qualitative analysis is integrated into understanding behavior and decision-making processes

Factual data

Biometric behavioral data, objective and unequivocal

Wearable and comfortable technology

Measuring physical and online commercial spaces anywhere, anytime

Continuous measurement and behavior

Understand click-through-site behavior or purchase behavior in the store

Research efficiency

Achieving accurate results, collecting and analyzing data in a short and effective time

We will be happy to help you define your research needs                     

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