Case Study Projects

Get a glimpse of a cluster of our more complex and revolutionary projects.


Constructing a design and retailer


AHAVA has asked for our help in the of the sales area located in James Richardson's Duty Free Shop. Before we wrote the design bar, we approached the project with an analytical approach - analysis of sales performance and logistic compatibility. The performance was analyzed using the Harris model for a categorical distribution, and re-design of the display areas, prefabrication, signs, access roads, and loops of the complex. During the analysis we have identified several elements needed for repair and re-planning.


Cash register Rearrangement

James Richardson Duty Free

James Richardson's duty-free shop has asked us to re-plan the exit from the store as part of the renovation and to find a way to accommodate the enormous volume of buyers visiting the store in massive puffs that are significantly boosted by open skies agreements. In the given situation, the 60 installed boxes were unable to withstand the heavy load and volume. Queues trailed to the center of the store, blocking displays, causing abandonment and creating waiting times that sometimes reached 40 minutes or more .


The DNA of the combo meals

Manufacturer of soft drinks

A leading soft drink manufacturer has carried out an extensive project among owners of fast-food private fast food stores such as falafel, sabih, shawarma, etc. The main idea was to encourage the sale of drinking water to the dish by means of combo operations. We were called to the flag after the campaign results revealed problems and mainly a lack of uniformity of products among different retailers. SEBO was called on to learn more about the sales platform and unlock the mystery - why there is a mixed improvement trend and how to improve it .


Purchase sequence model in the milk refrigerator

A leading food manufacturer

A leading food manufacturer, along with leading food retailers, wanted to understand how milk was bought in the refrigerator and to see if it was possible to improve sales performance by rearranging the refrigerator without changing the complex trade agreements between the parties. Boaz Yariv, his grandfather's research manager, made a few observations about the refrigerator buyers and came up with an insight that would later be discovered as a scientific retail discovery. There is a certain order in Kenya versus the milk refrigerator and it does not depend on the structure of the refrigerator .


Predicting Market Influences

Changing the tax system in the alcohol industry


The introduction of the tax reform in the alcohol market has shaken the cards in the local market. The purpose of the change was to assimilate a uniform tax according to the concentration of alcohol, as distinct from the previous method of taxation, which was complicated, unclear and mainly intended to protect manufacturers in the local market. There was no doubt that the reform would create a new retail reality.