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E.T. Lab

New and Exclusive in Israel! User Experience Lab

Based on Eye-Tracking Technologies


Powered by Tobii

Usability testing at the highest level and affordable cost.

Global standard analytics for every customer.

Benefits of our lab for usability and user experience




The laboratory is an independent and neutral factor, It is very important to test the user experience From a neutral perspective and not as part of the characterization process. The laboratory provides its services to customers Such as banks, e-commerce sites As well as software development companies and UX.


Fully Mobile


The laboratory is a stationary research center but also allows for measurement in natural environments using a mobile research kit. Therefore, the test can be done in any context to understand the real experience - mobile, offline and online integration.



The data are biometric and therefore very accurate and allow visibility from the user's point of view and decision-making process long before the hand is sent to the mouse or screen.

Multi-screen interaction

Mobile e-Commerce & Apps

VR environments

Ads & Campaigns Digital Testing

The world's most advanced technology by Tobii


Wearable Eye-Tracking


Web Cam Eye-Tracking 


VR & 360 Eye-Tracking

You are invited to visit us for a free demonstration!

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