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Benefits of data collection and digital surveys

Accuracy and efficiency

Data collection and digital surveys enable us to filter participants in a smart and quick manner and to effectively target the survey to the relevant target audience.

High speed

The time it takes to carry out a digital survey is about 60% shorter than traditional survey methods. Most data are received within a few days.

User Experience

A user-friendly interface is tailored to the survey's content world, providing a fun experience and allowing you to collect a large amount of data.

Low Cost

The cost of data collection through digital surveys is up to 80% lower than the cost of screening, sampling and analysis using traditional research methods.

Operational flexibility

Required changes in motion such as questions, answers, content and branding are updated at the click of a button and in real time.

Data quality

Automatic data collection without human contact prevents input errors as in traditional methods. Our quality data rate is over 95%.


Some examples of our customers' survey applications


Duty Free - James Richardson

Objective: understanding advanced customer behavior and segmentation

Distribution: Website (pop-up), Newsletter, Facebook, Store (offline)

Number of participants: ± 13,000

Survey duration: 48 hours

Percentage of inventories: 94%

Data quality: 97.9%


Objective: consumer habits and purchasing and brand perception of customers

Distribution: Super-Pharm Mobile App

Number of participants: ± 2,000

Survey duration: one week

Percentage of inventories: 85%

Data quality: 95.4%

Super Pharm

Objective: understanding shopper behavior at the store

Distribution: Sample branches using QR code scanning or SMS delivery

Interceptions: ± 3,000

Duration of survey: one month

Conversion Rate: 6% -11%

Percentage of inventories: 83%

Data Quality: 98.8%

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