Lectures and Tutorials

The following lectures summarize the most advanced knowledge in the retail and research worlds today and contain many practical insights that we have gathered with great effort over the last ten years. You will not find this content on Google and the Case-Studies and stories behind them you will not read in any book. What happened behind these pictures, is presented to you firsthand, with humor, videos, examples and illustrations, and especially inspiring insights that will change the way you look at the world of retail and shopper research.


The lectures are delivered exclusively by Sefi Gabay and Boaz Yariv, the founders of the company.


Shopping Science (1 hour and a half)

In this fascinating lecture, we will talk about one of the most important marketing discoveries in recent years - the science of shopping. What is it? What is the difference between shoppers and consumers and why is it important to us? What are the practices and technologies that enable us to understand and predict the behavior of our shoppers in the store - both physical and online?


In the lecture we will learn the world of shopper research, enter into the shopper’s mind, perceptions and consciousness, understand where the senses are in the shopping process and how we make a decision at the point of sale.


The lecture is intended for every audience.

Trends and Innovation - Retail Future Where?

A fascinating lecture about the trends in retail and shopping.

The world of shopping and retail is changing unrecognizably as a result of a huge technological boom and the rise of online shopping, which are devouring the cards in almost every industry.

What are the hot trends, what kind of new technologies are embedded in the various retail spaces - physical and virtual? How do these technologies change the buying process and what will happen to us in the near and far future?

At the end of the lecture there will be a discussion with the audience, how they see the future of retail and shopping. The lecture is combined with authentic photographs taken at points of sale around the globe.

The lecture is intended for any audience.

Visual information and the human brain

Our shoppers need information to make a purchase, this information has become one of the main mediums for contact between retailer and buyer and we see this even more in the era of digital buying.

The quantities of information today are enormous and one of the most significant challenges is to present it in a way that will complement and improve the shopping experience.

This methodology is called information architecture and is one of the most important and relevant practices in an age in which the eyes do most of the sensory work in the buying process. In this lecture we will learn the basics of information architecture based on SEBO's TOC model.

The lecture is intended for professionals in retail.

The evolution of retail

A light, fun and fascinating lecture that tells the story of the evolution of retail in the last 200 years, from the market stand, through the general store, the supermarket, the giant department stores, the shopping mall, the convenience store to today's era where technology replaces the physical spaces.


The lecture is intended for any audience.

Senses and retail

The shopping process is a sensory process, which depends entirely on how we perceive and experience the world. In this fascinating lecture, it delineates the depth of the sensory world with an emphasis on making decisions in shopping - how does the brain perceive reality? What is the role of each sense in the shopping process? What are sensory biases? We will experience types of cognitive biases until we reach the inevitable conclusion - do we really experience reality as it is or is reality beyond imagination?


The lecture is suitable for any audience

The psychology of retail space

The concept of retail space is the object of behavioral and psychological research and is a central element in the customer's shopping journey and satisfaction.

In this fascinating lecture we take the participants into a journey in the depths of the spatial perception of the human being, the way of navigation in an open and closed space, location neurons and the activity of the brain in space, the personal space in a cultural context, the influence of the retail environment on space perception and orientation and the heuristic science of spatial patterns.

The lecture received flattering reviews at the Airport City Architects Conference as an introduction to the appearance of Paco Underhill - the retail Guru.


The lecture is suitable for any audience



הדרכה וליווי צמוד לאורך כל התהליך 


Training and accompaniment throughout the process. Training and lectures at SEBO are conducted by the senior consultants - Sefi Gabay or Boaz Yariv only, in the presence of an expert. From the day the company was founded, we have trained thousands of managers and employees in leading companies in the market, in retail marketing and sales.

The SEBO training tools are tailored to the organization's needs according to a classic gap model.

Basics of the sale

A module containing about 16 s (4 sessions)


This module is an enrichment model for salespeople. It is designed for professionals who want to open their minds with advanced sales approaches from NLP and advanced psychology.


The module contains the most advanced and advanced topics in sales and sales methods:


1. The foundations of NLP and self-belief

2. Selling process from another perspective

3. Advanced methods for creating interpersonal communication

4. Advanced methods for handling objections

5. Opening, Closing, Up-Sell and Cross-Sale

6. Selected topics in managing a sales team and striving for goals

Retail Essentials

Academic level module containing up to 25 s. This is the most comprehensive module for retail training today. (6 meetings)


1. Introduction and basic concepts - creating a unified language.

2. Buyer and shopping science

3. Perception and decision-making - neurosines

4. Selected topics and advanced in retail and category management.

5. Technology and innovation in retail.

 Principles of marketing

An academic level module containing approximately 25 hours of study (6 sessions)


1. Introduction to marketing and marketing approach - from sale to identification of need.

2. Introduction to marketing research

3. STP model

4. Consumer, buyer, customer - various marketing manufactures

5. Marketing Strategy - 4P'S vs 4C'S

6. Brand, Branding, Positioning.

7. Marketing communications and brand activism.


Store Analysis

The tour is based on SEBO's multi-stage shopping experience model from the parking lot to the cash register and includes practical impressions for immediate improvement of the point of sale.


Store Analysis is designed for relevant professionals within the organization.