Constructing a design and retail concept

AHAVA has asked for our help in the design and design of the sales area located in James Richardson's Duty Free Shop.

What did we do?

Before we wrote the design bar, we approached the project with an analytical approach - analysis of sales performance and logistic compatibility. The performance was analyzed using the Harris model for a categorical distribution, and re-design of the display areas, prefabrications, signs, access roads, and loops of the complex. During the analysis several elements were identified needed for repair and redesign. After understanding the commercial situation and setting goals for improvement and implementation, we came up with the concept of design.

Concept: Nature Supercharged by Science

Therefore, it is important for us and the client to demonstrate the natural elements of the Dead Sea, which are reflected in the product and in fact to dismantle the ingredients of the product and demonstrate them out - salt, water and mud.

The solution

Together with designer Reuveni Foundation, we built a concept of salt views as a leading design motif. In fact, the whole complex is made of salt, molded and illuminated by a unique technique. At the front of the complex we designed a display pyramid with a bright crystal ball containing water to generate movement and attract attention.


In order to complete the connection to nature we developed a unique floor in the color and texture of the Dead Sea water, which gives a feeling of buoyancy when entering the compound and closes the conceptual and design connection between all the elements that make up it.