The design of the solutions you see here was born out of more than a decade’s worth of intensive hands-on work, as well as an in-depth, intimate familiarity with the challenges, dilemmas and work processes of leading organizations and international brands.

We don’t believe in off-the-shelf solutions. We’d rather tailor the solution to the client’s needs and capabilities – from profiling to final assimilation on the grounds. Each solution that leaves our design desk is measurable and is the product of knowledge, science and thinking outside the box.

Retail in the digital era

One of the main challenges in the retail world today is where the traditional retail world meets the digital world – the transition into an “Omni-channel” approach.

Within the multitude of capabilities and technologies that overflow the modern retail scene, the real challenge is to correctly profile the existing solutions and make choices, as well as to prepare an adequate infrastructure for the solutions of the future. The secret to success lies in profoundly understanding clients and their needs, not in adopting the most innovative and the shiniest technologies.

Our working processes are based upon a physical and digital “Customer Journey” analysis, profiling needs and opportunities through an Omni-Channel outlook, definition and planning of the appropriate digital solutions and guidance, implementation and assimilation of the technology in practice, in every part of the organization.

Creative people brainstorming in meeting

Retail Strategy & Tactics

Should we open another store or close it? A store within a store or a whole new format? Should we change our layout? How to introduce a new category, if at all? Being a retailer means having to face many challenges and complex questions.

The ability to successfully lead such complex processes with outstanding success is one that requires plurisystemic experience and a profound understanding of a great number of disciplines such as retail, operations, planning, research and marketing. Since over a decade we have been guiding and leading retail processes in Israel and abroad in complex organizational environments. Our practical and international experience generates great value for our clients – financially and qualitatively – from planning for alternatives and making the correct decision to actual implementation of every stage of the plan.

Information Architecture

Information architecture is the science and art of organizing information and knowledge in the physical and virtual retail space. It is how to engineer decision-making in the moment of truth at the shop or on the website. We provide a full solution for planning, construction and implementation of information architecture and signage lineups on any platform, using a designated model that we developed (the TOC model). This model is successfully implemented in shops and chains in Israel and worldwide.

  • Structural planning of information architecture

  • Creating a uniform, agreed-upon language

  • Creating a rulebook and continuous management

  • Choosing and adapting content

  • Planning and design of signage lineups

  • Omni Channel information architecture

  • Measuring the effectiveness of existing signage lineups 


Retail Marketing

Using the vast experience and knowledge that we accumulated, we assist our clients in making global or local decisions in retail marketing, and in dramatically improving the adequacy of the company’s consumer and retail solutions to its clients:

  • Assimilating practices of research, including data collection and analysis at the point of sale

  • Advice on management and presentation of sales promotions

  • Improving conversion rates and shelf interaction

  • Planning and measurement of the effectiveness of planograms

  • Advice on assortment management and analysis

  • Planning and optimization of trade

  • Measurement and analysis of the shoppability standard in the point of sale and website

  • Creating a knowledge bank and activating the knowledge accrued in the organization

Queue Planning & Modeling

Shortening the time one waits in line and the experience of queuing to the cash desk is among the hottest topics in the retail world. We specialize in planning and implementing single-line queues for high-traffic retail stores.

Planning cash desk lines and engineering queues are our unique specialization. It is about the operational aspect of the selling point and the deep psychological – behavioral aspect of the clients. Customers that enter a store begin counting the number of people who enter with them on an unconscious level, to get an idea how long the queue would be.

Our recent queue design flagship project was the modeling, planning, testing and execution of one of the most complex duty free queuing systems in the world – at the James Richardson Duty Free store in Terminal 3, Ben Gurion Airport – one of the largest and busiest duty-free shops in the world.

Watch the story: “Why are we still wasting time standing in line?” Channel 10






We reinvented the field of digital surveys.

Forget about the boring survey experience, with dry questions and low completion rates. Our surveys break all of the participation records, as they are tailored to the client and to the research task at hand. Moreover, they allow our client to collect quality data in high quantities, in a short period of time, at a low cost and over long periods.

Most importantly – they contain offer entertaining content for participants, together with a friendly user experience and high-quality interaction with the brand.




Most of the marketing and sales information is transferred to the consumer visually. Visibility, commercialization, information architecture, UI, shopping experience and usage experience, packaging, behavior and orientation in space – these and more rely almost exclusively upon the eyes.

Nowadays, an innovative research technology of a wearable, eye tracking glasses system, gives us access to the consumer’s or the user’s decision-making process through measuring and analyzing his eye movements – before the hand reaches out to the shelf in the store or clicks on the button in the website.


SEBO is the official research partner in Israel of Tobii Pro, the world leader in eye tracking technology for research.




Facing a tough challenge? Identifying “irrational” customer behavior? Something creaks and you can’t put your finger on it? You have a feeling that reality differs from the current concept? Ad-hoc studies are the answer you are looking for – task-based research.

A study of this kind requires a different approach, flexibility and great experience in the area of activity. It mainly requires very advanced analytical capabilities and understanding. The end result generally sweeps the clients off their feet and opens the door to calm, flexible, comfortable and especially smarter decision making.




In the digital era, the correct customer segmentation may be the difference between success and failure or between happy and indifferent customers.

We specialize in segmentation using advanced analytical methods. Through smart coding and clustering of data we find patterns, behavior and hidden potential inherent in your data, or in designated studies that we perform to that end.

The products of these methods are far-reaching, from modified working methods to completely reforming the marketing plan.





We are sometimes required to track shopper behavior at the point of sale or in front of the shelf, in order to understand complex issues of flows in the shop, conversion rates, behavior or interaction with signage and displays.

With that in mind we use human tracking methodologies that includes intercept tracking at the point of sale, or recording and analysis of videos. Our methodology is based upon the fundamentals of the research methodology of Paco Underhill, who invented the tracking method and perfected it into an art. Do you want to understand how your clients really behave at the point of sale or in front of the shelf? Contact us and we’ll happily assist you.




Do you need professional interviewers? Qualitative studies among clients, employees?

The services of an expert mystery shopper who truly understands what he experiences, or perhaps focus groups led by first-class experts?

SEBO provides all of the traditional research services, with an emphasis on quality, accurate methodology and ongoing scientific support, and especially relevant and significant insights derived from the extensive experience of our experts in the various marketing and retail industries. If quality is important to you, we are your address to all your ongoing research needs.




One of the greatest challenges facing any retailer or marketer, is the ability to disengage from his existing patterns and view reality from a different standpoint – the client’s. In this short and effective workshop, the participants are offered a guided tour at the point of sale, from the viewpoint of the different customers. This tour will show you the potential of improvement inherent in the small details. This is an 8-participant workshop. It is delivered using the multi-stage shopping experience model, for immediate tactical improvement of performance at the selling point.

Our seminars are delivered by senior consultants – Sefi Gabay and Boaz Yariv. Since we founded the company we trained thousands of executives and employees from the leading companies in Israel in retail, marketing and sales. The training lineups in SEBO are personally tailored to the needs of the organization.

Audiovisual Conference


Are you planning a convention, a company event or a study and development program for employees? We offer riveting, unique content, delivered by the leading experts in shopping and retail in Israel. Our lectures are based upon real SEBO test cases and upon the most advanced scientific topics in the field of retail. The lectures are accompanied by authentic photos and videos.



Business Meeting


Each retail space has a marketing and retail concept that forms the strategically logical framework for its operation. In a unique shop in Israel or abroad or within a chain, each retail space is unique in and of itself, and its concept needs to be tightened and adjusted to fit the specific context and public that will visit it. We specialize in forming creative and innovative concepts, which are at the same time smart and fit the needs of retailers. We collaborate with the designer and the marketing team to direct the process towards an innovative solution – exciting and at the same time smart and effective.

Architecture Model Sketching


Many clients come to us with ready outline floor plans to get a second opinion, ask the right questions and delve into the details governing experience and operations. This is the most important moment, actually the last chance, to improve planning before proceeding to the implementation stages. We sit together with the client and analyze the outline plans, in order to challenge planning and check how well it matches actual consumer behavior.

Clothing Store


Display planning can make or break sales. Some operational details can make the difference between a happy and effective sales team, focused on the client and the point of sale, and a failing, frustrated team, focused on the lack of functionality of the display. We have rich experience in providing advice and guiding the planning of displays, calculating merchandize and performing operational planning and feedback for existing shelving. 



Code on Laptop Computer


With extensive experience in all the technological product development processes that come from our start-up company ZoomShopper, which specializes in mobile shopping - from the understanding of the challenges, the research, the design characterization, the actual development and QA of software, sites and applications, Digital Technology includes cost development services provided through our global partners - NEW STANDARDS INC. 



The big secret lies in the insight that the technology comes to serve the customer and his / her needs (existing and future), otherwise it is unnecessary for both the customer and the organization. Over the past five years, we have created a global expertise in adapting digital solutions to the world of shopping and retail. We accompany our customers at all stages of adoption of technology, from the stage of characterization of need, through system planning and integration with existing systems, to de facto identification of technologies and finding suitable companies for implementation and long-term service.